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Great material

Tapered very nicely to the waist with enough room for a broader chest. 178cm at 75kg a little room for the arms to grow bht evetything else fits perfect for a 28-30 waist.

Looking forward to more future purchases

Extremely comfortable and light perfect for summer. Only wish they had a size smaller. I am 173 cm tall and slim currently 65kg. My body isn't built but I'm quite fit and exercise 6 days a week. The shirt is slightly baggy for me and not as tight fit as I would have liked. Nevertheless, the comfort had me sold and I'll wait hopefully for some xs before I place my next order.

I'd sleep in this shirt!

I ordered the Navy Blue short sleeve shirt and it is sensational. It is so soft and fits perfectly. I am 190cm and 84kg, so went for a large. I can tuck it in for work. I knew nothing about bamboo fabric, but believe me, this stuff is amazing. Just about to order Sky Blue version now. Thanks guys!

Good Shirt, great material, not a fan of the patch though

Good shirt, great fit, I'm 188cm and 95kg and wear the XL in their dress shirts but for these the Large fits perfect. Not a fan of the patch though but that is personal preference.

A great shirt overall, not keen on the patch

This shirt feels great, it's very light-weight, soft, and I like the colour.
I'm around 181cm, 77kg, I prefer a more fitted look so based on the advice here i went for a small (in most things I'm a medium). Very happy with the fit, although the shirt really is longer than it needs to be (and I have a long torso for my height).
The only thing I'm not keen on is the leather patch, it's quite thick, too prominent and feels like it has just been stuck on there as an afterthought.
There's already a fabric label at the bottom with KOJO written on it, it seems a bit odd to have the name twice on your front, more subtle branding would be my preference.
I'd like a simpler printed logo or ideally embroidered one, or maybe just the fabric one at the bottom.
Alternatively, maybe Kojo could just offer the Active X shirt version (doesn't have the patch) in more colours, like this one.
I appreciate that the patch is a subjective matter so I've still given 5 stars overall.

Love this shirt

I bought this for my son - he loves it - the fit, the feel and the price. He has recommended it to 4 people already


Easily one of the most affordable and best dress shirts out there for guys who are on the more athletic and built side. I was not paid or given anything to post this review, I genuinely just love this shirt and will definitely be getting them in more colors.

Super soft fabric

I love this fabric. Silky, stretchy, perfect. I am tall and solid - 198cm and 108kg. The XXL is great, a little too full in the sleeve at the rear deltoid. About to buy my second.

Perfect feel and service

Well tapered, I especially love the look and feel of the bamboo as it’s not wrinkly and is super soft and cool. About to buy two more...customer service was excellent as well.

Great shirt. Great customer service.

Got a Large, I'm usually right at 110cm, it turns out I'm bigger than I thought , and I'm hyper-mobile as well. My shoulders and chest don't fit in the Large when I move, but the sleeves are perfect. I pinged customer service and exchanged for an Extra-Large, which fits my torso and is just a tad long in the arms, but it's a super-light, very comfortable shirt that works tucked and untucked and feels pleasingly like not wearing a shirt. I also don't have to iron it. I'll be buying more.

Love this shirt.

Stays cool, doesn't stink, is comfortable and lightweight, dries quickly. It's a very long cut, great for tucking in (will not untuck itself) but can be a little odd when untucked. I got a Medium for wearing as an undershirt, tried it on and then didn't want to take it off, wore it all day.

Fantastic shirt and fit

The shirt fits extremely well. Will pick up more for my wardrobe.


Great shirt good fit, bamboo fabric with stretch is amazing. I am going to purchase some more for smart casual and the gym also. Perfect shirt for Hot humid conditions of North Queensland thanks Kojo🤘🏼

Excellent product quality, and customer service

I originally ordered their dress shirt but it didn't fit as well as I had hoped... They exchanged that shirt for two active Heather t-shirts which in total equated to more of the original order... these guys produce good quality products and have outstanding customer service would definitely be buying again!

Good quality, but specific fit

The fitting of this comment has quite large arm holes despite the product shots showing a tight fit.. nonetheless still a good quality shirt

Bamboo shirt

Yes it was great. Good fitting nice material

Great fitting shirt for more athletic build.

I have struggled finding shirts that fit across my chest and shoulders without being a tent everywhere else. This shirt is cut perfectly to fit as well as being a super soft fabric. Very impressed.

Lost for words

Hands down the best shirt I've ever bought, literally threw away all of my other shirts and will be buying a wardrobe full of them. The fit was perfect

Great fit super comfortable and show some off the guns!

Comfort and Quality

Amazing comfort and feel, soft and breathable. Best t-shirt I have purchased the bamboo is a truly fantastic option. Size wise I am a large and the fit is exactly my size.

Almost the perfect off-the-rack shirt

The fit philosophy is great. Basically this is the plain, dressy, athletic-fit, breathable but real fibre material shirt I've been looking for for years to complete my uniform for work in hot Aussie conditions. Only complaint is the armholes are a tad restrictive. I like to be completely unrestricted (maybe this is too much to ask). In saying that the fit seems to improve as I wear it. Think I will be ordering a full set of these.
Could you guys please make some lighter colours in the short sleeve option? (White, light-blue ect.) That would be great. Cheers

Really impressed.

It was a bit of a hit or miss trying KOJO for the first time. But what awesome shirts. Bought two and they have the best fit and feel bar none. Only wish they would make more colour versions (pin striped maybe) as they are now my work and dress wear, depending on how many bottons I open. Size wise, I was at the chest limit for (L) (110 cm) and happy I kept it at large, altough they adwise to go one up one size if you are at the limit. They are nok too tight for work, just perfect.

Fantastically fitted shirt for athletic/muscaular guys

These shirts are by the far the best fitted shirts I have ever bought. Perfect amount of give around the shoulders and arms with a really good taper around the waist. I'm 175cm/72kg with a lean muscle build and the small size fits perfectly. The other thing I like about these is the collar isn't tight at all, as I work at a job where we have to wear a tie, this is my perfect work shirt that doesn't choke me done up.

Good customer service too after the first shirt I bought got delayed in transit, they were really attentive and considerate with my next purchase.


amazing customer service. Great shirt, perfect fit and finally I have shirts that fit my figure without making me look like I am wearing a tent.